F1, F1, F1!

F1. The universal function button for help. At least it was eons ago when I was just starting out on Windows 3.1 and then up through ME. I’m not sure when F1 got hidden under the fluff of online help guides in programs like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac, but it’s not as prominently pushed these days. Either that, or I’m just not looking. Either way, F1 plays a HUGE role in the Firestorm viewer. It’s your direct link to lag-free help via the Firestorm wiki, and I must say, it’s a handy help tool to have.

I really can’t stress using the wiki enough. It has topics on every single question you could possibly imagine. And if it’s not there, well, we’ll get it there eventually. The in-world support groups are fantastic on days the Lagdra doesn’t decide to wreak Havok on us all, but there are days when it’s just so bad I find myself relogging several times just to get the group chat to open for me. That’s where F1 comes in handy. It’s your quick link to the biggest body of documentation on the viewer, and it comes to you with no chat lag.

Need to troubleshoot a bake fail? Press F1 then search for bake fail. You’ll find http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/bake_fail just a few clicks away. Curious about everything the bridge adds to your viewer? Press F1, search for bridge and you get http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_bridge to peer over. There’s even a wiki about filing a jira on that bug you may have just found. That’s right here: http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/file_a_jira . So you see, there’s a lot of info inside the wiki, and I haven’t even scratched the surface. More like poked it and made it annoyed at me.

Give F1 a press and see where the wiki takes you. 🙂


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