“I’m not a techno-geek!”

We’ve all heard it before a million times a day. We send a user to the Firestorm Wiki to troubleshoot a problem or learn how to use a feature and we hear “I can’t understand that because I’m not a techno-geek!” Wikis are, by their very nature, very wordy. What they aren’t, however, is hard to understand for most people. Some people simply do not want to even try to work through the wiki links they’re provided in chat and instead insist on having their hands held through the process.

Then, there are others still, who are more visual in learning. I happen to be a more visual learner myself, though you’d probably never have guessed that. I prefer pictures to words, as they tend to tell me more of what the heck I’m trying to do. Thus, I’ve decided to start this blog in hopes of educating a few more of the Firestorm users who say they can’t make heads or tails of the wiki.

I’ll be updating this periodically with visual tutorials to help guide you through the basic troubleshooting steps on the wiki. I can’t cover all OSes, as I don’t have them all and I won’t even try to have them all. But I will attempt to at least cover a couple of the more major ones, time permitting.


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