My thoughts are my own

Mic check. Is this thing on? Good. It has occurred to me that before I get too carried away with this blogging thing, that I put some things out on the table. They are very important disclaimery things about the blog, my part on the Firestorm team, and how this relates to the project.

This blog is primarily about tutorials. I stared it with the idea that it was going to be Firestorm only, so that the wiki could be translated for the more visual amongst us. I then got thinking (dangerous, I know), why does it have to ONLY be Firestorm? I do enjoy making tutorial graphics for lots of things, so why not expand the horizons? Thus, my decision to add tutorials that don’t relate to the Firestorm viewer was made. Tuts. This blog is about lots and lots of tuts.

My place on the Firestorm team is one of in-world support. I’m online and in Secondlife somewhere, and while I don’t usually take one on one IM sessions from users, I do on the rare occassion if the Lagdra in group chat is too much of a beast to overcome. All I ask is you clearly state the issue at hand rather than start off with “hi, I have a problem.” The faster I get he details on your sitch, the faster I get you off to enjoying the Linden world as we know it. Seems fair, right?

Finally, and this is the big thing I need you all to pay attention to, this blog is NOT affiliated with the Firestorm Viewer Project in any official sense of the term. It is run and maintained by me, and me alone. That said, I may say some things here that are HIGHLY opinionated. That’s just how I am. My opinions, however, are mine and mine ALONE. I do not, cannot, and WILL NOT speak for anyone on the team. I want to stress this again: my words are mine. No one else owns them, no one else feels the same way that I do, and no one else can share partial or complete blame for the idiocy that can sometimes come out of my face. This is so important, that it’s also repeated on the about page.

My thoughts are my own. Please regard them as such.


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