Pasta bowls are a MUST for all homes

So, I’ve recently come to the conclusion of “why didn’t I buy these sooner?” Pasta bowls are great, multi-purpose eating dishes that have become quite the requirement for many of my meal time needs. That and my Crock Pot. Oh, the joy of being able to set dinner to cook before I leave for work and then come home to have a nice, hot, homecooked meal. Even if I don’t go to work, having the Crock Pot do the cooking for me is still an amazing feat for dinner time munchings. It’s funny, because when I was a kid, I’d crinkle my nose any time I saw my mom drag out the Crock Pot. Now? Now I wonder how I lived without one for almost five years.

The worst thing about it, though, is beef tends to like to leave this film on the inside of the stoneware that’s rather unappealing. It’s one of those things, that no matter how much you scrub it, no matter how long you soak it, it just doesn’t come off without help. “But Hata, how’d you get it off” you ask? Bar Keeper’s Friend, my friend. The liquid kind, I might add. I’m not so sure the powder kind is safe for ceramic, but the liquid kind is so long as you don’t put it directly on the enamel. Instead, put the liquid stuff on the sponge and spread it around that way, rinsing immediately afterward. And use it sparingly. There’s an acid in the stuff that allows it to cut through the tough grimey stuff on your stainless steel cookware that could possibly damage the cookware, etc., if left on it for too long. But enough about that. You want to hear about the pasta bowls.

Pasta bowls have kind of a deceptive name to them. Sure, they’re MADE for pasta and serve it beautifully, but they’re also great for other food too. Soups and stews are great to serve in a pasta bowl because they’re not as deep as your cereal or salad bowls may be. Yet they’re deeper than those puny soup bowls, making them a great choice for those hearty soups and stews that you just can’t get enough of. They’re a perfect size to serve that beef stew, because you actually can see the beef and other veggies. Plus, because it’s shallow but wide, you can fill it and not feel like you’ve put too much on your plate. It fills both your eyes and your stomach without overfilling the latter.

But wait! There’s more! Pasta bowls are also great for that tossed salad you planned to serve with your dinner. Again, because of their wide but shallow nature, you can feel free to stuff your bowl full of a nice hearty salad that won’t leave you grabbing your tummy for more…or wishing you ate less. It’s very much the same thing as with the soups. It looks fuller because it’s a shallow plate with high edges, so your mind THINKS you’re stuffing your gob to kingdom come, but your tummy thanks you because you didn’t overfill the gas tank again. But not only that, you can pile on the toppings without losing them in transit. Like a whole Roma tomato sliced on your salad? No problem! The high edges of the pasta bowl will hold them, and its mighty girth will let you spread them out so you can actually eat your salad before eating all the tomatoes. Croutons? No biggie! The high edges and wide diameter also help hold the crunchy bread pieces in place. And don’t worry about dripping dressing! There’s no salad running over the edges, remember?

So far, I haven’t experimented with other ways to use my pasta bowls. I just know I wish I had more than three. Drop me a line on Twitter about how you’ve used your pasta bowls and maybe links to your favorite slow cooker recipes. I wanna know what I can stuff in my gob that tastes good!


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