But I’m terrible at reading!

I have to say, this phrase probably gets my goat the most. Not just because it allows the sayer to be absolutely lazy when it comes to reading the wiki, but because they have to read the group text anyway. Group chat isn’t in voice, and it isn’t in pictures. It’s in text. This rant goes right along with the rant about not being a techno geek. Saying you’re horrible at reading is pretty absurd. Surely, you’ve learned at some point in your education how to cope with reading comprehension issues. Other than sheer laziness of the teacher, there’s no other way you could have graduated. Be that as it may, I actually have something positive to say on this matter.


Read slowly. Take it one line at a time.

If you happen to be one of those who say they can’t follow the wiki links because you’re horrible at reading, there is a solution. Take the page one line at a time, and reread it until the instructions make sense. Because you’re reading on a static web page, you can take as much time as you need to work through your problem. The text won’t leave you behind like the group chat will, and it also won’t get lagged out. There’s no need to feel rushed. Please feel free to work at your own pace. Doing so will actually help you figure out the problem and understand how the instructions lead you to the solution. You’ll be much less frustrated when you work at your own pace rather than feeling stressed to fix the problem NAO.

The fact something doesn’t work right is frustrating enough, and we all do understand that. That’s why we continually update the wiki with new information for common problems and even some not-so-common issues. It helps us help you help us all. When you read the wiki one line at a time, and work through the instructions at your own pace, you really do end up learning a little bit more about the viewer and may even have a solution for someone else with a similar problem. Plus, you know where to look when your friends have issues and can help walk them through it a little at a time as well.


If you don’t understand, just ask!

Contrary to popular belief, the support team doesn’t throw wiki links out for shits ‘n giggles. The wiki links are designed to offer each user a truckload of information in a single line of chat. This helps cut down on chat lag, but also eliminates huge wall ‘o texts. We also understand that not everyone learns at the same pace, and that not everyone will understand every line of instruction on the wiki. We’ve tried to word the information into an easily understood language for the least techy amongst us, but sometimes not even that is understood by all. If you don’t understand something, please don’t hesitate to ask in group. We’re here to help you learn, and you can’t learn if you don’t ask.


Go to class!

As a final word, don’t be afraid to attend the Firestorm classes. They’re held regularly, and offer a lot of information on the viewer in short, one hour chunks. There’s usually one or two support members present as well, and an open Q & A after the class for any and all questions you may have. These are very beneficial and 100% free for all users. Many of the users who attend them are very pleased to leave the class knowing a little bit more about how their viewer works, and they go on to help others who are having issues. As a support member, I also enjoy seeing who shows up to the classes. It’s great to see some of the users of this great viewer, and it’s always a pleasure to meet you in avatar. Come join us! We don’t bite. Well…I don’t bite very hard. I can’t speak for the rest of the team.


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