How do I keep getting myself into things?

Not bad things, mind you, but insanity things. And by insanity things, I mean fun things in SecondLife. It’s not like I wasn’t already busy enough with Firestorm Support, but now I’ve jumped overboard off the U.S.S. Sanity into the SecondLife Gateway project. Hello busy SecondLife!

It’s all good, though. Gives me something to do while inworld. And it’s not like I don’t just linger around doing support anyway. Now I can linger where people will actually exist for me to talk to. I’m shy as heck, but still feel the very real need to socialize…wat? I know. I’m weird.

Anyhoo, how do I keep letting myself get talked into things like this? I wasn’t going to do the Gateway because “hurp. I’m busy with support. Hurp hurp.” But then Miro…the smart aleck he is…convinced me to join the Gateway. Oh well. I had fun helping the newbies. Puts me to some good use too.

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