Hatake, the Blog, and the Tuts

Hatake Kohime is one of the in-world Mac support members of the Firestorm support team. As part of the volunteer team, Hatake has taken it upon herself to further help the users of the widely popular Firestorm Viewer for SecondLife by starting this blog. Everything is done in her free time, and for the good of the SecondLife community…for free. All that’s asked for in return is common courtesy and respect for herself and the rest of the Firestorm staff. We’re doing this as volunteer work so you guys can enjoy your SecondLife. 🙂

A word from the dragon’s mouth:
In addition to offering tutorial walkthroughs on the Firestorm wiki and posting related blog posts, I also plan to offer tutorials for other programs, time permitting. I do also want to express that this blog is in NO way related to the official Firestorm Viewer blog and, as such, does NOT speak for the team. That being said, I can sometimes be a bit opinionated, and my opinions are NOT shared amongst the team. My thoughts are my own. Please regard them as such.

Please follow this link for the full shpeel: https://hatakekohime.wordpress.com/2013/02/20/my-thoughts-are-my-own/

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